Turning Point Homes


Over 28 Years

Of experience in construction, design and project management

Quality Builds

7 year quality craftsmanship guarantee is our promise to you

We’re Specialists

We specialise in building modern and contemporary homes with exceptional craftsmanship

Client Focused

Only working with a selected number of clients at any given time, gives you peace of mind


We cater your landscaping designs to the look of your home. Whether you want an easy, fresh and clean style, or a modern design – we have you covered. From pebbles, stones, tiles, and grass, we can pull together a design that reflects the look and feel of your home.


We can you provide you with a comprehensive view into what your new home requires. Our plumbers are experienced technicians that are able to provide you with a comprehensive quote on your dream house and its plumbing needs.


Our electricians are highly skilled individuals that are able to supply you with the quotes and fittings that will allow you to have all the light and power that your new home needs.

Interior Design

Modernise your home with a fresh and contemporary look using our custom interior designers. We work closely with some of the top designers in Sydney. With a keen eye for detail and sense of style, we can tailor the design to reflect your personality and lifestyle in your own home.

Council Application

Worried about putting your council applications through? Not sure where to go from here? Our team can take care of this for you!